Red Makimono of CNP

What’s Makimono?

Mint Date : 4 March

Price : Free

Allowlist Application : Already closed

Comments by ikehaya

CryptoNinja Partners, so called "CNP" is the largest project in Japan.

I am in charge of marketing in this project.

We are bringing Makimono, the Ninja scrolls, to the world as a giant freemint event!

What functions are provided for the scrolls?

The scrolls can be synthesised to access different utilities.

One of these is the evolution of the CNP. Just like a Pokémon, the CNP will evolve.

This time, the first red scroll will be provided.

We are also considering a system that will give you another new NFT when you burn the red scroll.

More information on the Freemint will be published from the official account. Enjoy!

CryptoNinja Partneres

CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) is a 22,222-piece collection starring CryptoNinja sub-characters